Oh my goodness 😍

... This is Jessica B. in Little Rock Arkansas and I just received the box from you. I cannot believe you sent a new pair of glasses....I am stunned, honored , humbled and I thank you so very much.. I cannot wait for this trip of a lifetime hiking the West Highland Way. In addition to being a great pair of polarized sunglasses, your glasses are so light on my face that my nose is not sore after all day of wearing. I have and will continue to promote your incredible glasses. Thank you so very much. Blessings upon you,. Jessica

Jessica B.,

About a month or so ago I called and spoke with you about a nose piece that fell off a pair of my Boston Bill sunglasses.  You didn't hesitate for a second and immediately took my address and within just a few days a brand new pair of sunglasses arrived at my door!  You not only responded without hesitation but you went way beyond the call of duty by sending a new pair of glasses when all I needed was the nose piece.


Thank you so much for not only a great pair of quality sunglasses but for an experience that was an absolute pleasure!


Good morning Sandra,

You likely don't remember me, but I have seen you at several events and you sent me a whole pair of glasses two years ago to replace my nosepiece!  Just wanted to drop a line and say hello. I have so much respect and admiration for you and your company.

I was  trail running Sunday and took a good spill and realized last night when I went to go for a run that my BB's were gone!!  They must've flown off my head when I fell, I reran the trail but no glasses, hopefully someone else is enjoying them...maybe a deer 🙂

Will look for you at the ATM packet pick-up for a hello and a hug 🙂


This is Glenn from Clearwater. You sold me a pair of Boston Bills in Miami for the Ironman 70.3 race. You asked me to drop you a line and send you a picture afterwards, so here you go. The main reason I am taking the time to do this today, is because I love everything about them. My old glasses would fog up even though they were supposed to be anti-fog, and they would give me a headache after a while even though they were supposedly polarized and made for comfort. The Boston Bills that I purchased from you did not fog up at all, and they stayed comfortable all day long. I hardly noticed them on my face at all. They were so light and comfortable in fact, that I wore them for the whole run, something that I never did with my old sunglasses.They offered great protection from the sun without any distracting changes in color, and they provided a perfect barrier from the wind-blown dirt and debris on the bike ride out and back. I am so glad that my old glasses broke, and that you were on hand in Miami so I could buy a pair from you. If they are as durable as they seem to be due to their flexibility, I can't imagine ever having to buy another pair. Thanks!

Glenn M. Humphreys,