Good morning Sandra,

You likely don't remember me, but I have seen you at several events and you sent me a whole pair of glasses two years ago to replace my nosepiece!  Just wanted to drop a line and say hello. I have so much respect and admiration for you and your company.

I was  trail running Sunday and took a good spill and realized last night when I went to go for a run that my BB's were gone!!  They must've flown off my head when I fell, I reran the trail but no glasses, hopefully someone else is enjoying them...maybe a deer 🙂

Will look for you at the ATM packet pick-up for a hello and a hug 🙂


This is Glenn from Clearwater. You sold me a pair of Boston Bills in Miami for the Ironman 70.3 race. You asked me to drop you a line and send you a picture afterwards, so here you go. The main reason I am taking the time to do this today, is because I love everything about them. My old glasses would fog up even though they were supposed to be anti-fog, and they would give me a headache after a while even though they were supposedly polarized and made for comfort. The Boston Bills that I purchased from you did not fog up at all, and they stayed comfortable all day long. I hardly noticed them on my face at all. They were so light and comfortable in fact, that I wore them for the whole run, something that I never did with my old sunglasses.They offered great protection from the sun without any distracting changes in color, and they provided a perfect barrier from the wind-blown dirt and debris on the bike ride out and back. I am so glad that my old glasses broke, and that you were on hand in Miami so I could buy a pair from you. If they are as durable as they seem to be due to their flexibility, I can't imagine ever having to buy another pair. Thanks!

Glenn M. Humphreys,

Incredibly impressed with your response time and service. I bought these 5
years ago when visiting friends in Clearwater, and bought a second pair
(slightly different style) online and had them shipped to me in CT last
year. Your sunglasses are more comfortable and better looking than brands
costing $100 more.

Nicholas Landry,

Boston Bill Sunglasses saved my face and eye.   Hey, nobody likes to have a cycling accident, but it happens.  My last ride I went down and did a face and head plant into the asphalt.  After all my things were gathered my Boston Bill Sunglasses had a pretty scraped up lens and frame.  They did stay intact and not shatter!  Thanks for protection! More than just style! Saving my face so folks will recognize me when they say "Who's that in Boston Bill Sunglasses?"

Too much attitude for sunglasses with attitude?

Mark Davis - Co President, Team Psych Triathlon Racing Club