Incredibly impressed with your response time and service. I bought these 5
years ago when visiting friends in Clearwater, and bought a second pair
(slightly different style) online and had them shipped to me in CT last
year. Your sunglasses are more comfortable and better looking than brands
costing $100 more.

Nicholas Landry,

Boston Bill Sunglasses saved my face and eye.   Hey, nobody likes to have a cycling accident, but it happens.  My last ride I went down and did a face and head plant into the asphalt.  After all my things were gathered my Boston Bill Sunglasses had a pretty scraped up lens and frame.  They did stay intact and not shatter!  Thanks for protection! More than just style! Saving my face so folks will recognize me when they say "Who's that in Boston Bill Sunglasses?"

Too much attitude for sunglasses with attitude?

Mark Davis - Co President, Team Psych Triathlon Racing Club

When my $24 sunglasses from Target broke the other day, I began keeping my eye open for a new pair of sunglasses.  Maybe this time I will bite the bullet and invest a little into a pair and get the expensive “running” sunglasses.  I looked around on the internet, glanced at some in the cases of Dick’s Sporting Goods and Sports Authority, and still couldn’t part with a $1oo bill for something that I seem to go through fairly quickly and don’t last all that long.

So, about a month ago I went into The Sporty Runner, a local running store and saw the display of Boston Bill sunglasses.  They were light, fit snug (but not too tight) and seemed to disappear when I put them on.  But will they stay on when I run?  For $30, I gave them a try.

My first outing was a sweaty one and a bright one, a perfect day to try my new purchase.  I was well down the trail and running into the mid-afternoon sun when I remembered I was wearing my new shades… and I was sold on them.

What I like about them:

1) they are light weight, no headaches back behind the ears

2) stylish (at least I think so)

3) amber lens: this is the first time I have tried them and they worked very well, including making the colors of nature REALLY stand out

4) full protection for your eyes – 100% UVA and UVB

5) even though they are light, they are tough and shatterproof – polycarbonate lenses and frame

So far, I am very pleased with these sunglasses, especially for the price.  I highly recommend them and will soon be getting another pair (from The Sporty Runner of course).

Kevin Chenoweth, http://chaplaintorunners.wordpress.com/2011/04/28/boston-bill-sunglasses-review/

I was blown away when I checked my mail this evening and found a new pair of sunglasses!!!!!  I can't tell you how excited I am and how awesome I think you guys are.  You went above and beyond to find me and you took a leap of faith and sent the glasses even though you weren't 100% sure that you had the right people.  In today's world your customer service really makes a statement.  You have made me a customer for life and I will be telling all my friends.  You can disregard my earlier phone message this evening.  That was before I checked my mail but at least you now have my name, number and address.

Thank you so much for standing behind your product.  I can't wait to go running in the morning.

Karen Stembridge,