My name is Ian and I have had a pair of your sunglasses (omega's) for over 3 years. I am a 5K runner, full time student and in the Coast Guard, as well as somewhat of a sunglasses enthusiast. No matter where I go for running, I have tried on sunglasses from brand new oakleys to the cheapies at the running conventions and I always go back to my Boston's when it comes to running. They are lighter and more flexible than any oakley I've tried, and in my opinion the best running glasses I've ever worn. Last year I spoke with Sandra at the Gasparilla running event booth for some time and I actually had no idea that my glasses were Boston's when I bought them, they were just simply good glasses that I couldn't figure out who made them. I appreciate the quality of Boston Bill sunglasses and hope that they will become more widely known because anyone who isn't running with Boston's is seriously missing out.


Four years ago I discovered a Boston Bill Sunglasses tent/stand at a marathon event here in Kansas. I was needing a new pair of sunglasses as my original pair were in very poor condition. i purchased a pair of Boston Bill sunglasses and have truly loved them. They are very lightweight, stylish, and very comfortable to wear and just a great product. They're so comfortable, a lot of times I forgot that i am wearing them!
I just ordered my second pair of Boston Bill Sunglasses. As a cross country coach and a runner I wear sunglass regularly and didn't know how long it would take to receive the new sunglasses i ordered, I was surprised to see them in my mailbox in just 3 days after i ordered them.. Wow! that is awesome service! I am committed to be always wearing Boston Bill Sunglasses.

Rick Haden, Physical Education Instructor, Assistant Cross Country Coach, Head Jr. High Track Coach