Four years ago I discovered a Boston Bill Sunglasses tent/stand at a marathon event here in Kansas. I was needing a new pair of sunglasses as my original pair were in very poor condition. i purchased a pair of Boston Bill sunglasses and have truly loved them. They are very lightweight, stylish, and very comfortable to wear and just a great product. They're so comfortable, a lot of times I forgot that i am wearing them!
I just ordered my second pair of Boston Bill Sunglasses. As a cross country coach and a runner I wear sunglass regularly and didn't know how long it would take to receive the new sunglasses i ordered, I was surprised to see them in my mailbox in just 3 days after i ordered them.. Wow! that is awesome service! I am committed to be always wearing Boston Bill Sunglasses.

Rick Haden, Physical Education Instructor, Assistant Cross Country Coach, Head Jr. High Track Coach